General Introduce:
As a key enterprise in Ningde city , Fuan Matou Shipyard is the biggest foreign-ship repairing yard in Fujian Province. The quality of the foreign-ship repairing technology has been approved by several classification societies in the world, Such as BV, LR, NK, GL, CCS...etc.
    Our shipyard is located at the Baima harbor , which is the first class National opening port. The center position is at Northern latitudes 26o48'17"N, east longitude 119o42'22" E. The harbor which is more than 2,000 meters wide, 11-18 mrters deep, has its biggest tidal range of 9.37 meters, it has a milder, less extreme climate with the average temperature of 19.3℃. So it's called as the natural excellent harbour, the transportation is convenient with sea routes reaching Shanghai on the North, HongKong on the South, and Keelung separated by Taiwan Strait. It's only 1.5 hours drive from our shiyard to Fuzhou international airport.
    Our shipyard occupies an area of 350,000 sq. meters and 1140 meters length of coastal, The auxiliary facilities have taken shape. The main facility and the equipment include:
1.  Dry dock
55,000 DWT  202 x 40(36m for dock gate width, 40m width inside) x10m
2.  Dock crane   80Tx1 set, 15Tx1 set
3.  Mobile crane  50Tx1, 25Tx1, 12Tx2, 8Tx4
4.  Pontoon   65m length x 17m width 2 set with floating crane crane 35Tx1 set
4.  Supplying air  150 m³/min, spraying grit more than 4,000 m²/ day
A complete range of ship repair and ship conversion services including:
* Grit blasting, coating of hulls, cargo holds, and cargo tanks
* Major steel repairs and renewals; daily steel plate renewal up to 18 tons
* Mechanical overhauls; conventional engine works can be done by yard’s subcontractor
* Tail shaft, propeller, and rudder repairs
* Engine room, deck, hold and tank pipe work
* Cargo gear repairs and testing
* Electrical motor and generator overhauling
* Navigation equipments inspection

Shipyard management system:
Our shipyard has established the business cooperation relationship with customers from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Greece, Germany, Cyprus, UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The shipyard set up own management system base on the international standard, and has efficient staffs, technicians and workers for ship repairing. Especially the shipyard has already organized enough skilled subcontractors for steel renewal and sandblasting/painting works.
Our shipyard is capable to undertake ship repairing and conversion based on the rules and regulation of all major international classification societies.
There are a group of experienced professional ship repairing in our corporation, which relies on the humanist management idea, stimulates staff's host spirit. The company hold the belief of:  "seeking survival through quality guarantee, further development through efficiency promotion,   promising future through environmental protection"and "the management nust be faithful , the production must be safety, administration must be in guarantee, the service must be high-quality". In order to increase the company's market competitive ability, and foster a good and healthy company image. Now we still be busy in constructing the platform of the quality and security, And we will take " satisfaction of shipowner is our pursue " as the goal, create the deligently brand of the industry outstanding credit enterprise, All staffs in the corporation are now pushing themselves to work hard in order to let the people in the world getting much understanding of east Fujian, and to let the ship industry of east Fujian being well-known in the world.

From Fuzhou Internaitonal Airport to our yard: 90 minutes by car
From Shanghai to Fuzhou Airport: 75 minutes by plane
From Singapore to Fuzhou Airport: 4 hours by plane

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